About Our Community

Our community began as a personal outlet for a lonely, subculture, natural-parenting mom who was suffering from Postpartum Anxiety & Depression.  As I began sharing, others came to help and share their own stories.  Through this work, I realized I was not alone.

Today, The Cautious Mom is a strong community of mothers stretching all across the world.  We may have different parenting styles, but we all want the best we can provide for our children.  We respect one another’s choices, differences and passions.  We fight for each other’s right to make these choices, even when we do not agree.  This page has become something more, something beyond one mother’s vision and has become a foundation of strength for all mothers, everywhere.

Why “cautious”?

I chose the word “cautious” because everyone judges a new mom who is reluctant to fall in line with standard, parenting practice, supposedly because they are scared to do it for whatever reason, but that is not true.

It is not fear that drives us to stay close to our babies.  It is not fear that encourages our instinctual connection to breastfeed, to keep the baby upon our skin, to make the baby a part of our every day lives and to abandon our previous lives to embrace a new one.  It is not fear that pushes us toward the decision to avoid certain situations.  It’s maternal instinct – it’s natural and appropriate caution.

Fear debilitates and causes rash, emotional decisions.  Caution inspires education and understanding, awareness and better choices.

One of the philosophies I practice and share is, “Know Better, Do Better”.  Once you know, you can grow.  Once you grow, you can change.  If you know and then choose not to grow, you are denying yourself, your family, your child of a well deserved life.  It is not about being afraid of what will happen, it is about listening to the powerful instinct you possess as a mother and being brave enough to live by it.

This community’s purpose is to share, to learn, to grow and to know that we are not alone. What I present here is often my way of living and the struggles I have encountered with the bias of my life and perspectives.  It may not always be the RIGHT way and certainly they not the ONLY way, but always done with baby first.

We encourage one another, strengthen one another and support one another.  We are compassionate.  We are open to change.  We grow as our children grow and we are willing to change if change is what works best.

An underlying theme present in most everything we do;

It’s okay to love being a mother.  It’s okay to put baby first and it shouldn’t make you feel guilty to do it.  It does not make you less of a woman, less of a person or less powerful, successful or strong.  To place the needs of a being you chose to bring into this world, a being who is completely helpless and looks to you for nurturing, guidance, strength and compassion is what makes you powerful!  In this world of sarcasm, adult-children filled with selfishness and the flippant way it has become clever to call your children assholes, I am fighting back with a reminder:

How we treat and speak to our children is our choice, but remember: We can choose to shape our children into the assholes you call them, or you can shape them into loving, compassionate and empathetic beings who bring light into the world.

I hope you join us, share, grow and teach with us, as we are all learning this together!



  1. you rock and write very well. Wondering if you have an alternative high grade protein powder that you could recommend, similar to the 6 week challenge. Thanks

    1. Thank you, Tamara! Outside of the Camp protein, (which actually IS my favorite of the standard, whey proteins) my second runner up is Dymatize Iso100 Hydrolyzed 100% Whey Protein Isolate. If you want to stay away from dairy and soy, there are some excellent hemp-based protein powders out there, but they’re not great during the challenge, they typically have a little more fat. I’d suggest figuring out what is truly important to you in a protein powder and then try some out. For me when working out consistently, I prefer something that I know will help support the process of burning calories while strengthening my body, not detracting from it by introducing chemicals and synthetic junk that is unnecessary. A few you can try are; Manna 360, Garden of Life, Naturade Vegansmart, Lifetime Life’s Basics Plant Protein… there are TONS of them available! Some health food stores supply small, sample packets with just one or two servings so you can try them out and see if they work for you before buying the big 2-3 pound tubs. Shop around, see how they make you feel and then make the best choice for your needs. 🙂 I hope that helps!! Good luck!

      1. Are you looking into this more for weight loss or to support an exercise regimen? Everything I’ve read about Mana 360 is positive, however, each body reacts differently. What I LOVE about that particular product is this; here is the list of what it does NOT have:
        • No Aspartame • No GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
        • No Sucralose • No Antibiotics
        • No Fructose • No Chemicals
        • No Added Sugar • No Fillers
        • No Preservatives • No Gluten
        • No Artificial Ingredients • No Yeast

        Now, does that mean it’s safe for milk supply and baby’s gut? Not necessarily. It does contain some items that are generally safe, but may not be for nursing mothers because they can pass through the milk into baby, such as green tea leaf, gingo and Xylitol (which is a processed form of sugar alcohol). Now, it might be in such slight amounts that baby will not be affected by it. I’d see if you can get a hold of a sample size and test it out. See how baby feels, if tummy aches happen, gas, extra poop, changes to behavior or temperament, and just play it by ear, be cautious and take it slowly. 🙂 Ideally, you want a protein that comes from a safe source, is as minimally processed as possible and has as few artificial ingredients as possible. Hope that helps!

      2. It does! I’m 6 months pregnant and read that mamma could help in my morning smoothies for exercise and energy. I can’t seem to find if its safe for baby, until I’m nursing of course. Thank you for the information!

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