Geek Mom


For anyone who knows me, it is no secret that I’m a geek.  By “geek”, I mean – someone who suffers from the undeniable urge to gravitate toward something I love in an obsessive way – but almost always relating to anything comic, video game, sci-fi, fantasy, essential oil or parenting.
I then fill my head and my house with ALL OF THE THINGS related to each of those categories until there is no room left in either place and then I move on to a new topic.

Here are a few geek-related topics to my heart that are not going to get an entire category on this website to themselves:

Nightmare Before Christmas
Dr Who
Star Trek
Lord Of The Rings
Harry Potter
Old books
ComicCon San Diego
The world of Tim Burton
The Flash/Arrow
All things in the “JossVerse”
Disney – Yes, all of it
Star Wars
Batman and Co.
Catwoman (yes, she gets her own category)
Renaissance Faire
The Tudors (the family, not the show)
Pretty much all things UK-oriented in general

…to name a few.  Here I will be delving and divulging some truths about my favorite topics, as they relate to my life as a mom.