The Potions Master


Last year, I started a new project.  Quite by accident, I assure you.

*cue dreamy flashback music*

I was suffering with very unhealthy lungs and a friend suggested I try to use some essential oils to support my immune and respiratory system. Now, I was no stranger to the medicinal benefits of plants. I’d studied how to brew medicinal teas back in the day while fantasizing about a life filled of herbs and brews and helping people like the town healer. I felt as though oils were just a natural progression of the same skills, amplified and bottled. I had been looking into it for nearly a year at that point, and, being super crazy sick, I was willing to try anything that might support what I was already doing with my doctors. I was ready to take the leap with the company I felt was most closely aligned to my personal beliefs and needs.  I purchased a membership and a kit with ten oils.  I also purchased a diffusor.

When my lungs finally got better and I was ready to get back to my daily activities, I began sharing my story with friends and family.  I was learning to use these tools for all sorts of issues. I learned how to blend, apply and administer them which gave me a spectacular feeling of being that wise woman potions master I’d always wanted to be!  I also began to share them with people who needed them and as I did that, people around me began to take notice.  Eventually I decided I could “officially” offer what I knew to people, but only if they asked…

Now, I am what they call a Wellness Advocate (even though I do prefer Potions Master) for this company and I use my tools to help my own family, as well as others to find care options that work for their own families.

I did not come into this business by choice, but it suited me to a T.  Meaning, I didn’t say, “I’m signing up with the intention of building a business!” I said, “let me try some for me and the family… and no, I’m not really interested in doing the business side.”  The thing is, when something works, people take notice.  I’ve never had to host a class or convince someone to try them.  All I had to do was, when people asked, tell them a little bit about how I use them:

When I use the ones for anxiousness, focus and attention, my son with Autism and ADHD is able to sit and attend for much longer.  When I use the ones for histamine response, my daughter’s seasonal threats and reactions to things that give her hives are never nearly as challenging.  When my husband (who works on the road) uses the blend to support immune system, he doesn’t become unwell as often and when we use another specific blend, even if we do feel under the weather, the time in which we STAY unwell is greatly reduced.  In essence, I can be the master of my own fate and no longer have to give it entirely (but will still go when necessary) over to someone in a lab coat after paying $40 for a co-pay to see them for 10 minutes.  It’s not magic, it’s science – but it sure feels like advanced potions up in here!


Okay, okay, so I can’t bottle fame, brew glory or put a stopper in death, but I CAN make my own anti-bacterial soap, cleaning products, scented candles, immunity support, emergency first aid kit supplies, seasonal threat aids, singer’s relief spray, hair products, tension relief, things that help calm my severe headaches, ease stress and anxiousness, even my restless nights, my son’s bad dreams and growing pains and so much more I haven’t even gotten to yet!  I can utilize all the knowledge I already had in herbalism and medicinal teas and apply it all directly to this study and application of essential oils – all without having to grow, pick, dry, distill and make my own!!  Now, it’s not that I don’t love the DIY concept of herbs, serums and teas, believe me I do- I still have an herb garden and I still make teas.  But man oh man, with small children and absolutely no extra time… oils provide me the freedom and the security of a safe, reliable product to safeguard and support myself and my family while on a time limit AND a budget.  And that, my dear friends… truly IS magical!

So, now that you know, I know you have questions.  Let’s cover a few.

How can I be sure they are safe?  I’ll tell you, it was not easy finding a company I trusted.  I spent over a year researching and comparing before I chose the one I felt was the right fit for my needs.  I considered sourcing, distillation process, sustainability, altruism, cost per drop, reliability of product and scientific transparency.  The oils I purchase come from a company who provides 100% transparency in their product and their manufacturing process, as well as the science that goes into ensuring the quality and accuracy of claims.  Most oils offered, unless the plant itself is dangerous for consumption, can be taken internally.  Meaning, if it’s something you should be able to eat in nature, you can consume the oil.  This was the major difference I found between oils in the store and oils from this company.  Oils from a store, even from plants that SHOULD be eatable like lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint or cinnamon… they would say on the label that the oil was “100% pure”, only, you couldn’t take it internally.  There would be a giant warning in all caps, “not for internal use”.  Now, listen guys… if you buy something that says it’s 100% pure cinnamon and you CANNOT eat it… reason should tell you, IT IS NOT CINNAMON.  It’s something else and they are lying to you.  So, the oil I buy IS okay to consume and most of it gets used in cooking, baking, bath time, before school, after school, to prevent sickness, to reduce symptoms of sickness, to ease discomfort and to just be a security blanket when you need one.

But what about the people who call it all “snake oil”?  I know so many people who are wary of using oils becuase they are not FDA approved or folks just think it’s a bunch of crazy, hippy, new-agey talk.  Many of my “because science” friends (those who use the rules of science, fact and verifiable studies to make their decisions) don’t trust essential oil use for medicinal purposes.  They prefer their treatments to come in pill form, handed out by pharmacists rather than a bottle from a friend.  I completely understand that and I even agree… if you don’t get the right kind of oil, if you don’t use the right amount, if you don’t know what you are doing you can make mistakes.  It can be useless, and yes, even detrimental to your wellbeing when done incorrectly or used irresponsibly.  But that’s why there are scientists in charge at this company making sure everything they sell is not only as pure as they promise it to be, but offer back up and verifiable, documented research that can be reviewed at anytime by anyone.  Oh, and as far as the FDA goes… seriously, friends – the FDA has approved many, many things that are cancer causing, dangerous and inappropriate. They’re not gods and they are not the end-all, be-all of what is good or bad to consume.  They make mistakes just like every other industry and just like every other industry, it’s all about profit.  It’s a well known fact that the FDA does not want the competition of essential oils in the ring with pharmaceuticals. This is not conspiracy, there’s been papers written on it and you can find them if you search for them.  My point is, don’t allow the lack of government support of oils to it scare you away from this amazing resource.  Their lack of support is not becuase oils don’t work, it is becuase they can’t make a profit on them.  Just do your research.

Do you need education or a degree first?  Well, here’s the thing.  Anyone can be an advocate.  Anyone can share a personal story and convince a friend to buy a product based on something awesome that happened to them.  But, as an advocate, if you want to know that what you are doing for yourself and others is actually, realistically working and is duplicatable for everyone, not just for you, you have to study.  You have a moral obligation to know what you are talking about, so hit the books and get ready to fill your brain with an understanding of plants you never thought you even wanted before!screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-4-06-43-pm

As an advocate, you must be willing to learn the details on the oils, safe formulas for various issues, combinations and portions that make sense and are safe before you can share them with others.  You must ask questions and gain insight into someone’s history, make sure that an oil used to help one thing isn’t going to hurt them in some other way. As a consumer, you should always find someone who has been willing to do the work to learn the hows and whys before they tell you to try x for y reason.

Side note about the sciencey folks; Essential oil use in today’s world is not going against science.  Essential oil use is USING SCIENCE to ensure purity, potency and value, as well as consistent, reliable results in every bottle and combination.  It is becuase of science, not in spite of it… that we have this incredible tool.  Science is the reason we can trust essential oil for so many needs at home.

Do people who do oils reject standard medicine or antibiotics?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Think of it this way; if you had an ear infection, would you just randomly take someone’s bottle of antibiotic and never go in and get it checked out?  Probably not.  Nor would you use oils for self-care at home and then never follow up to make sure the virus/infection/malady was gone!  The world of holistic health and home-care is often mistaken for witch-doctoring and superstition, one that bashes Western Medicine and that simply is not the case.  Truly, they can and DO work hand in hand! Regularly used by doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners, essential oils, when truly pure, can support healing and help maintain good health.  Western Medicine and the tools of modern science are the reason oils are so successful now, and they are not fighting against it, they simply walk alongside it as another option.

So, now, I admit – it’s not all as glamorous as I’d hoped, no shimmering cauldrons and sparkling vials of brews that change our hair color or give us super strength, (not yet, at least- I always hold out hope).  But the tools I have through these oils in my kitchen (now called the potions room), are powerful items that allow me to be in control of my family’s health and well being throughout each and every single day.  There truly is an oil for everything and the more I learn, the more I feel compelled to share with others.  I share samples with people all over the nation and beyond.  Not because I am trying to build a business, but because they work.  Becuase I want to help people.  Becuase I know these can be awesome support and yeah, maybe a tiny bit of that is also because it helps me feel like the healing lady of Avalon I always wanted to be when I was young.


What are some things you have wanted to know about essential oils?  Do you use any now to support your family’s well being?  Can I help you find anything?  I’d love to know how I can better support the mamas in this community!


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