Happy Birthday, Cautious Mom!

Today is The Cautious Mom’s 2nd birthday and I thought, what better way to celebrate all of you than to offer our first giveaway contest!!!

First I want to say thank you to everyone who makes our page on Facebook and this blog special- to those who contribute, ask questions, offer support, those who share knowledge, those who bravely disagree and offer alternative perspectives, to all of you who offer up private pieces of your lives, sometimes only so some struggling mama knows she is not alone in this crazy journey called parenthood, and to everyone else who silently receives support through being part of our community- THANK YOU.  The Cautious Mom began as an idea and a personal need to voice my feelings about breastfeeding stereotypes and injustices and has since become a source of parenting knowledge for so many!  It’s all you, guys.  Thank you so much for sticking around, through my ranting and my soapboxes, my wild rabbit-trail tangents and sleep-deprived ramblings.  You are amazing.  I appreciate you and I am so excited for what is coming next!

Happy birthday to all of us!

Now. On to the presents!

I have a new, sealed, Twist Collection, Storage, and Feeding Starter Kit by Kiinde, retail value; $39.00.

I listened to a rep from Kiinde talk about this system for nearly a 1/2 hour at MommyCon last year and I was completely sold on it, sold and jealous that it didn’t exist when I needed to pump for my babies!!

This system is revolutionary in it’s process of storing and delivering breast milk to baby, as it does not require pouring from one receptacle to another.  From pump to baby, it’s all one device.

The “Twist” pouches are universal and are guaranteed to fit on most any breastpump directly, (Medela, Lansinoh, Philips Avent, Playtex, Ameda, Tommee Tippee, Evenflo & Hygeia) so you no longer need to fasten a milk-collecting pouch or bottle then transfer it to a freezer-safe bag and THEN to a bottle to give it to the baby.  The pouch gets fastened onto the pump, collects the milk, seals perfectly for freezer storage, and then on top of it- the nipple of ANY STANDARD SIZE BOTTLE can fit directly onto the pouch, but their amazing nipple design will probably convert you, as it was developed to help teach and support breastfeeding behaviors.

This system includes:
Twist Starter Kit product20 pre-sterilized “Twist” breastmilk storage purches with twist-locking caps
10 Direct-pump adapters
2 “Squeeze” natural feeding bottles
1 Slow-flow Active Latch nipple with case
1 Medium-flow Active Latch nipple with case
1 Fast-flow Active Latch nipple with case
1 Keeper breastmilk holder and organizer
2 Nipple brushes

So it’s a great product, but HOW DO YOU GET IT?!?!

First thing- If you haven’t already, join our closed Facebook page for moms and moms-to-be HERE.

Second- Find the post entitled “GIVEAWAY” with the link to this blog post and “like” it.

Third- In the comment section of that post, comment with the breastfeeding civil code for YOUR STATE and tell us your breastfeeding goals so we can encourage and support you!

I will take all the names for those who have posted, put them in a hat and I will pick a winner on Sunday.

Good luck, everyone and thank you again for making The Cautious Mom’s 2nd birthday amazing!  🙂


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